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FTP - PowSurfer

LESS IS MORE - FTP - PowSurfer

That slogan was my motivation to start producing the FTP - PowSurfer.  Sourounded by traditional Woodcarving Place cal Brienz in the beautyfull Berner Oberland and worked out off different Local Woods, it makes the FTP - PowSurfer a very unique Product. If you like to get more information ask your Local Sportshop or send us a mail at info@feeltheplanet.com

The Flatland System

The Flatland System

The Bungee System for all kind of uses, now available in even better and stronger version. Since 2003 the Product developed to new stage off Fun and Function. Send a mail to order yours today. Send the mail at info@feeltheplanet.com

Not only in the River but everywhere you need some Slingshot into any Obstacle, with your Snowboard, Skateboard, Mountainboard, Skimboard or any other Slider. The Flatland System from Feel the Planet is the perfect Solution, it can be set up for different Riders, Sports and Obstacles. Setup more or less Bungeelines to Control the Power at any Time. Need more info, send a Mail to info@feeltheplanet.com