Terje Haakonsen

Real stoked Terje Haakonsen after he won the FTP PowSurfer at the Sudden Rush Banked Slalom competition in Laax, spring 2015.

Fabien Rohrer

Part of the project is our good old friend and test rider, Fabien Rohrer. This world famous pipe rider loves to ride the FTP PowSurfer during good powder days. Watch him in this movie, on his first descent on one of the toys, hand made in Switzerland.

Gian Simmen

Gian Simmen! What to say... A big name in snowboarding. With some rare gold medals to his name he still keeps rocking up to today, enjoying FTP with his family near his home.
In this short clip Gian demonstrates and shows his kids how the FTP PowSurfer works on an almost flat slope. Just having big fun on a small hill.

Reto Kestenholz

Surely famous in the swiss back country and movie gangs, Reto is nothing short but an artist on snow and in life. Everybody who knows him loves his passion for snowboarding and life in general. Reto likes it fat, so he went with the wide version of the FTP PowSurfer. Big up, let's rock that snow!

Sammy Luebke

2nd on the World Freeride Tour 2014/15, Sammy is such a talented rider! Whatever the mountain brings on, he is gonna get the most out of it. Thank you Sammy Luebke, for being such an inspiration.

Forrest Bürki

US-american freerider Forrest Bürki knows how to enjoy a day in the powder. Riding the FTP PowSurfer was good fun between the big booster jumps.